Wholesome Food Review – Primal Kitchen

primalkitchenbarsThere was a time when the only wholesome, natural, not-filled-with-crap snack on the market was a Nakd bar (and even then you’d be lucky to find them in a supermarket of any insignificant size!) – but now there is a huge range of raw, natural snack bars on offer to keep you full and happy and satisfy afternoon sweet cravings or serve as an impromptu breakfast. They’re all free from refined sugars, chemicals, preservatives or artificial sweeteners; best thing for me is, most of them are gluten free (yay!) and for the lactose-intolerant some are also dairy free.

I found Primal Kitchen bars difficult to resist when I came across on particular flavour, cherry and brazil nut. Two of my favourite foods!  A substantial-sized bar too, not at all skimpy on content and packed with good energy. They’re a fab snack but I also think they’d be good for breakfast on the go. I normally have a mix of hazelnuts, coconut, chopped dates and berries for breakfast so in fairness, it’s basically a more portable version of what I usually have!

Sweet and satisfying and full of lovely chunks of brazil nuts – totally in love. As I say, I love brazil nuts, they’re one of my favourites. I’ll eat them raw on their own but sometimes it is nice to have a variation (other than having them with raw chocolate) and this was a really pleasant departure from what I’m used to. I’ll definitely be purchasing the coconut and macadamia version (I LOVE coconut and macadamias) but there’s hazelnut and cocoa and almond and cashew, too.

I think wholesome, natural convenience food is getting better and better as the months go on and I’m really excited to try more. Seen anything you think I should try? Give me a shout!

Rose xx

Wholesome Food Review: Pukka Vanilla Chai


I’m a little divided when it comes to herbal teas. Some I taste and I am absolutely in love – others I feel I’m ingesting an unpleasant hot potion similar to the kind Harry Potter drinks to turn into another person!

So, I can certainly recognise that herbal tea is not for everyone, or at least that there may be likes and dislikes when it comes to tea.

This tea however is like a big warm hug. It’s just the right amount of spicy cinnamon and warming vanilla. I actually think this tea is sweet enough on its own but I reckon it would be really nice with a little honey or agave. Even a touch of milk, although I’ve yet to try this! It infuses really well too – I left the tea bag in and it didn’t go too strong yet when I took my first sip it wasn’t weak or watery either.

I’m going to try some more Pukka teas – so let me know your thoughts or if there are any you’d like me to review!

Rose xx

Wholesome Food Review – Lick Frozen Yoghurt

It’s still pretty chilly, yet who doesn’t fancy a bowl of ice cream now and again?

Previously there was nothing on the market if you wanted a cool sweet treat without eating a load of sugar and/or preservatives. A truly nutritious, healthy sweet treat was non-existent.

Say hello to Lick – which I found to my delight in my nearest Sainsbury’s Local last summer. Whilst the rest of the office were tucking into ice-cream, I happily opened the lid on two little pots of frozen joy – one Blueberry and Raspberry, one Banana and Honey. Each was so sweet and yummy – and had the perfect taste and consistency. I was full from eating the 2 little pots as well, which is likely down to the protein in the natural yoghurt used as a base for these tasty little desserts.

So why are these better for you than conventional frozen yoghurt?

Well frozen yoghurt, contrary to popular belief, is generally not that good for you. Whilst it may be ‘0% fat’, as with most ‘health foods’ sporting this claim, the lack of fat is made up for with copious amounts of much more unhealthy sugar.

Lick frozen yoghurts however are different – they are 100% natural and are sweetened with beet sugar and honey, plus of course the sweetness you get from the fruit. This means guilt-free, tongue-happy and body-friendly snacking, which is you ask me is a winner whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold outside!! They’re available in Plain, Banana and Honey, Blueberry and Raspberry and Strawberry and Elderflower flavours.

Have you tried Lick? Let me know your thoughts!


Rose xx

Wholesome Food Review – Beond NEED IMAGES

I’d actually never heard of Beond until I spotted them on Tesco’s Nutribar a few weeks ago. Apprehensive at first, I popped two of their bite-size morsels into my trolley. (I also thought ‘They’ll probably be exactly the same as Nakd’ when I saw they consisted predominantly of dates).

However Beond are very different in several ways to Nakd Bars (I love both, let me just emphasise that!). I chose the blueberry and raw cocoa varieties – both of which were really soft, smooth and chewy and more like nougat than a bar made with fruit, nuts and seeds. They are really sweet and filling – in fairness I ate both but that was enough for a mid-afternoon snack. The cocoa bar is really chocolatey and whilst I love Nakd bars (because I like dates and nuts) I think these are a great alternative for people who dislike the taste of dried fruit or nuts and want to go for something more traditionally sweet. They’re 100% organic to boot so really nourishing as sweet snacks go.

As well as these handy little bites you can also purchase full size bars. They come in Raw Chocolate, Acai Berry, Baobab Pineapple, Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry flavours – currently in Tesco they only had Chocolate and Blueberry but I’m very much looking forward to seeing the new flavours on the shelves as they sound delicious! They’re a little pricey at tesco at over £1 per tiny bar (yikes) but if you look online or buy in bulk they’re much more reasonably priced.

Have you tried Beond? Let me know what you think!

Rose xx

Wholesome Food Review: Fage Total Greek Yoghurt


So many people tell me they are turning to Weight Watchers or Ski or Activia Light in an effort to ‘lose weight’ (you know my perspective on this!) This makes me want to scream and cry all at the same time.

These yoghurts are full of sugar and preservatives, and whilst they are ‘low fat’, they are high sugar, which is actually worse for you in a number of ways in addition to being counterproductive when it comes to weight loss.

When I tell people this, they say ‘Well, what’s the alternative?’

It’s this!!

Thick, creamy, all-natural. Packed with protein, good fats and calcium, no nasties, no added sugar. It comes in varying levels of fat content but to be honest they all taste lovely; I normally go full fat as I have full fat everything.

I can eat this straight from the pot, but I understand that many are used to the sugary, artificial-tasting Muller Lights of the world and that this yoghurt on its own may taste a little funky to those who aren’t accustomed. However I have combined this with all sorts of tasty extras to make it into the perfect breakfast, dessert and even used it in savoury meals. It’s so versatile, very healthy and good value for money if you buy a large pot of it.

Here’s a few of my favourite combinations:

  • With fruit and seeds/nuts – I often make my own compote using fruit and agave syrup, then drizzle it into the yoghurt and sprinkle some nuts or seeds over. Almonds, pine nuts, macadamias and chopped hazelnuts are all lovely. Alternatively chopped fruit (fresh or dried) and nuts with a drizzle of honey or agave is equally as tasty.
  • Mix it with thick cream, lemon juice and agave for a cheesecake-like dessert (this is yummy!).
  • Add flakes of dark chocolate with some compote.
  • Add protein powder.
  • Honey and almonds – the classic combination!

There’s loads of fab recipes on the Fage site – visit it here. http://uk.fage.eu/

Are you a fan of Total?

Rose xx

Wholesome Food Review – Food Doctor Seeds

fooddoctor seeds

I always say that eating well should be for life and I don’t believe in diets. People often ask me how I eat ‘the way I do’ without missing ‘nice food’. In all honesty I think I must be the only person who doesn’t think I’m missing out! And of course I have cheat days where I can eat all the crap I want.

Everybody tends to get the munchies mid-afternoon, especially if you do the 9-5. I found myself wanting something crunchy and savoury and since I can’t have crisps due to my IBS (not that they would be very nutritious, anyhow) I was a little lost as to how to satisfy my craving.

I’d heard of Munchy Seeds but on this particular occasion I couldn’t find them anywhere in my local supermarket – instead I spied these, thought they looked delicious and decided to give them a go.

The Food Doctor range of seeds come in a few very different flavours which is great if you want a bit of variation but also want to know that they’re definitely going to taste nice. My personal favourite is the spicy seed mix but I was also surprised to find myself impartial to the apple and  flavour.

What’s good about the Food Doctor brand as a whole is you know you’re getting good quality ingredients which are all natural and inarguably good for you. These seeds are roasted, so puritans may argue they’re not the best, but they’re certainly better than a pack of crisps or some salted peanuts!

Better still, you’ll readily find these products stocked in your local supermarket so you don’t have to worry about ordering 100 packets in advance online (not that I do that with any of my food…!)

Have you tried these seeds yet? What are your thoughts?

Rose xx

Wholesome Food Review: Christmas Pud Nakd Bar


I spied this little beauty in the supermarket this week and couldn’t resist!

I’m a massive fan of Nakd products, their bars and nibbles in particular but also their flavoured raisins. When I’m in need of a snack I know I can pick up one of their products and not worry whether there are any nasties in it – perfect.

I have to say I was divided on this particular flavour after my first mouthful. It’s very perfumed and sweet and it reminded me of a highly-fragranced Christmas candle. But almost immediately afterwards, I wanted more. Needless to say, I demolished the whole bar in 15 minutes. It’s a really unique flavour but it’s so tasty and moreish – the ideal Christmas snack!

Try it for yourself and let me know your thoughts  – Nakd are stocked at Tesco, Sainsburys, Holland and Barrett and other large retailers.


For those of you who eat clean all year like me, Nakd are doing the PERFECT gift for someone who doesn’t want chocolate for Christmas! Their cute cracker set contains a mega mix much like the old selection boxes you used to get when you were little – perfect for primal foodies.

Rose xx