Say No to Slim Fast


It’s long been the go-to weight loss method for women (and men) wishing to lose a few pounds rapidly. But what are the consequences of trusting regimes like this?

Of course if you read this blog regularly you’ll already know my dim view of ‘diets’ in general, especially ones such as this which come with unpleasant side-effects and potentially harmful consequences.

The first thing to say here as always is that ‘weight loss’ is never a healthy perspective to come from. It implies that it doesn’t matter what you’re losing, as long as the number on the scales decreases. Therefore in an extreme example losing a limb could be counted as ‘weight loss’ under this umbrella. You’re not focusing on health, nutrition, muscle tone or metabolism, simply the number of the scale, which never gives us an accurate or positive reflection of ourselves mentally or physically.

With liquid-based and starvation diets such as Slim Fast, what you’re losing rapidly is water, not fat. You also lose muscle tone and in fact cling on to fat stores for dear life. That’s what you wanted, right?

Obviously not. In addition, Slim Fast is full of sugar and chemical nasties which are far from good for you.

Losing weight using any method like this is really damaging for your body and overall health. What’s more, it can cause irreparable damage to your metabolism and other important bodily functions and systems such as digestion.

My advice: just don’t do it! You will see good results simply by eating fresh, healthy wholefoods in a nutritionally balanced diet.

I know it’s easy to be pulled in and tempted by a quick fix. But the phrase ‘too good to be true’ was never more relevant then when it comes to commercial diets. The best way really is eating healthy and keeping active – that’s all there is to it. There’s more hard work involved, and it might take longer, but in the long run what’s more appealing?

Rose xx

‘The God Diet’ – Is THIS the most ludicrous diet I have EVER seen?

jesus God DietOur newest BS diet, ‘The Daniel Fast’ or ‘God Diet’, surprisingly originates from the realms of the biblical dead, namely the prophet Daniel, who I’m told featured extensively in the Old Testament.

The diet involves eating nothing but fruit, vegetables and wholegrains, with water the only permitted beverage. Meat, fish, bread and sweetened/processed foods are not allowed.

What Next? The ‘Medieval Diet’, consisting of mead and soda bread? Or perhaps the ‘Victorian Prison’ diet, comprised only of gruel and dirty drinking water?


It’s likely that if you look into this historically speaking, you’ll find many people ate this way because they had to – there was nothing else!

The bible clearly states that Daniel refused the ‘banned’ foods on several occasions because he felt that the food had not been prepared to Jewish standards, and had possibly been ‘sacrificed to false Gods’. NOT, please note, to look hot in time for bikini season.

On a serious note, the God Diet smacks of an increasing number of ‘Back to Basics’ regimes (Caveman, Paleo), that involve eating more simply, and avoiding processed and refined foods. I’m all for that – but not to the extreme. Anything involving cutting our major food groups will NEVER be good for you long term – and if you don’t care about your health, I promise the weight you lose will come back on once your body adjusts.

A follower of the preposterous diet admitted this week that ‘diabetics and pregnant women shouldn’t follow the diet’. In addition, nutritionists have been denouncing the God Diet left right and centre, citing ‘vitamin and mineral deficiencies, weakened immune system and general ill health’ as reasons it should be avoided.

So there you have it. Thoughts please!!

Rose xx

WARNING: Stupidity Ahead!

I often talk about not believing in the word ‘diet’; and I still stand by that 100%. Healthy eating is a life choice and a nutritious lifestyle, when followed correctly, isn’t dull, crappy or unappetising. I heard this motto a while back and I try to adhere to it as best I can:

You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

 I also try not to eat anything that won’t nourish or benefit my body in some way.

Unfortunately not many others share this mentality. Most women (and men) that I speak to indulge over the whole Christmas period to excess, to the point where they put on considerable weight, stop all exercise and feel generally crap. They then make a New Year’s resolution (I mean, how many of us actually keep those??) to get fit and healthy again, and embark on a diet to do so, perhaps start going to the gym again. If they’re lucky, they’ll keep it up till next Christmas. If they’re unlucky, they’ll struggle with their resolve. Their will power will dissipate. Instead of going for an icy run in the freezing cold they’ll tuck up in bed with the tin of leftover Quality Street.

The worrying thing about this is that you end up in a vicious cycle of dieting, and as we know, I don’t like that word! Increasing pressure to look good mounting, and bikini season ahead, coupled with an onslaught of adverts and magazine articles about ‘battling the bulge’ compels us to take risks and take part in daft fads which are both harmful and ineffective long term. This desperation is something I think we’ve all felt at some point or another, when we are so terribly unhappy with the way we look that we will do stupid things. I’ve experienced it in the extreme and at this point, it’s dangerous.

So, with this in mind I’m finding myself disbelieving (and partially incensed) by some of the diets emerging already in time for January’s mad weight-loss rush. The British dietic Association actually released this list to make people aware of the dangerous and irresponsible trends they will be exposed to in that vulnerable post-Christmas period. These diets exploit our insecurities and make wild, unsubstantiated promises of weight-loss and ultimate happiness which, let’s face it, is absolute BS.

A few are detailed below, please let me know what you think because I doubt it’s going to be good!!


– First up, the Breatharian Diet. Just the name implies that this is going to be ridiculous, and I was actually quite speechless when I read that this diet actually involves ‘swapping food for air’. According to the Breatharian Diet, ‘all we need is air and sunlight’. That is not a swap. A swap is something like for like. Air is not a substitute for food and this absurd notion is basically saying ‘don’t eat’ which makes me so bloody angry I can’t write half of what I want to say about this one.


– Alcorexia, or Drunkorexia  This apparently is a favourite of many top models, I imagine along with the ‘Cocaine Diet.’ Unsuprisingly, it involves substituting food for alcohol or ‘banking’ calories throughout the week so that you can enjoy a drunken night out at the weekend guilt-free. Sadly the British Dietic Association seem to have missed that this is not a diet, it is in fact a form of disordered eating. I know a lot of women who whilst following Weight Watchers would ‘bank’ points so that they could indulge whilst still remaining within their points limit. It’s not healthy; mentally or physically, and it’s most certainly NOT a diet.


– Also high on the list is the Dukan Diet. A high-protein, low carbohydrate diet is followed by many but as with most of these diets, this is extreme. Because of this, initial weight loss is fluid and not fat at all. The creator of the Dukan Diet, Pierre Dukan, was actually banned from practising as a GP in France. Enough said here I think.


The important thing to remember is that however desperate you are, these quick fixes really are ‘too good to be true’ and do nothing to help your situation long term. Sure, you might drop a dress size if you’re lucky – but what happens when you eat normally? And what are you actually doing to your body in the process? Most weight lost is fluid or muscle, NOT fat. And with this weight loss comes more fat and more water, thus starting the cycle again.



Rose xx






This week’s BS Diet – the 5:2 (Ratio, Fast) Diet

So, here goes with the latest BS Diet or ‘Fast Diet’. Just the name of this diet sounds unhealthy – because at the end of the day, we only fast for medical or religious reasons. But when you look deeper into this one you really begin to see how utterly ridiculous it is.

Of course, for a short-term goal, perhaps for a wedding or holiday, a special party, these diets are just about acceptable (JUST about.) What angers me is this diet, along with others in the same hideous vein, are marketed as genuine methods to lose considerable amounts of weight and what’s more, sustain that weight loss. Of course, we know that this is BS. Any diet requiring people to fast or starve for any amount of time is never going to continue working when you start eating normally again.

This diet also operates on a number of false claims – one of these being that if you fast on 2 days, you can ‘eat whatever you want’ on the others. This doesn’t mean ‘binge’, this doesn’t mean ‘live off pizza’, but inevitably to make people feel that this diet is effective and easy they have neglected to tell people that the other 5 days really do need to be diet days to see any sort of effect. Fronted by a few smug ‘professional’ celebrities (naming no names), this diet flaunts all the authenticity of a balanced nutrition plan offered up by a doctor. Of course that’s NONSENSE. Just a few points to back up my opinion on this one: – The 5 days operate on ‘normal eating’ with a little calorie control. If those on the diet were able or felt that they wanted to employ this sensible sort of weight loss in the first place, they would not be looking for a quick fix. – On ‘fast days’ you are restricted to 500 calories a day if you are a woman.

Any self-respecting medical professional will tell you that this is DANGEROUS. Plus an emphasis on counting calories leads to obsession and further issues such as eating disorders, so for this reason I would never advocate it. In addition to this for a busy woman with a hectic job and perhaps a family it will be impossible to sustain this lifestyle on 500 calories a day.

Although this diet claims to have sustainable health benefits such as reduced blood pressure and insulin production I doubt that this is the same for everybody. Moderation is the key with anything – if you eat and exercise in moderation, you will lose or sustain a healthy weight, and not have to suffer hunger pangs, dizziness, mood swings or any of the ‘benefits’ that funnily enough, aren’t mentioned of the website.

I’ve never been very good at maths. But this is beyond me. More to come!!

Rose xx


BS Diet – Victoria Beckham’s ‘Eat Like a Bird’ diet.

Is it me, or are the names of these diets almost as ridiculous as the diets themselves? This apparently involves eating very little (alarm bells), with the occasional ‘indulgence’ which is a proper meal (again, fairly alarming that a proper meal should be deemed a ‘treat’). No exercise is required (because you can’t). Weakness and fatigue are understandably features of this diet, along with mood swings and dizziness. In conclusion all of the above is just plain stupid – so stupid, in fact, I really do question the mental well-being of anybody who would seriously consider this a good way to lose weight.

This image below is more than enough to put me off following any sort of strict regime endorsed by Victoria Beckham. This is not attractive, nor is it healthy or a good example to others!!

Of course, more BS Diets to come!




Rose xx

This Week’s BS Diet – The Cabbage Soup Diet

As appetising as it sounds, this diet involves eating only cabbage soup for 7 days which can help lose up to 10lbs. Any doctor or dietician will tell you that weight loss at this velocity is dangerous, and certainly not sustainable. Not to mention the unimaginable stench that would linger around you after consuming copious amounts of this bowel-cleansing vegetable.

On the official Cabbage Soup Diet website, participants are warned that some have felt ‘light-headed, weak or lacking concentration’. What it fails to mention is that these are symptoms of hunger and low-blood pressure – signs that your body is asking you to eat. A ‘saving grace’ is that you can have as much of this repugnant, watery concoction as you like – so as not to ‘starve yourself’. Enough said on this one I think!


Rose xx

This Week’s BS Diet – The Baby Food Diet

There really is a clue in the name here..Baby Food is for babies. Followed by celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Aniston, this diet promises to shed the pounds fast and furiously. When we think about this logically, it’s not surprising since a diet of liquid/pureed foods generally results in weight loss because it’s completely unnatural.

Lacking in vital nutrients, fibre, calcium and Vitamin D, not to mention being a concentrated source of sugar, this ‘diet’ really does more harm than good.  Blended food is also easier to digest, which without wanting to be to graphic will probably result in the time you are not using blending vegetables being spent on the toilet. Sounds good doesn’t it?!

More BS Diets to come – please feel free to comment and share your own!


Rose xx