Wholesome Food Review – Lick Frozen Yoghurt

It’s still pretty chilly, yet who doesn’t fancy a bowl of ice cream now and again?

Previously there was nothing on the market if you wanted a cool sweet treat without eating a load of sugar and/or preservatives. A truly nutritious, healthy sweet treat was non-existent.

Say hello to Lick – which I found to my delight in my nearest Sainsbury’s Local last summer. Whilst the rest of the office were tucking into ice-cream, I happily opened the lid on two little pots of frozen joy – one Blueberry and Raspberry, one Banana and Honey. Each was so sweet and yummy – and had the perfect taste and consistency. I was full from eating the 2 little pots as well, which is likely down to the protein in the natural yoghurt used as a base for these tasty little desserts.

So why are these better for you than conventional frozen yoghurt?

Well frozen yoghurt, contrary to popular belief, is generally not that good for you. Whilst it may be ‘0% fat’, as with most ‘health foods’ sporting this claim, the lack of fat is made up for with copious amounts of much more unhealthy sugar.

Lick frozen yoghurts however are different – they are 100% natural and are sweetened with beet sugar and honey, plus of course the sweetness you get from the fruit. This means guilt-free, tongue-happy and body-friendly snacking, which is you ask me is a winner whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold outside!! They’re available in Plain, Banana and Honey, Blueberry and Raspberry and Strawberry and Elderflower flavours.

Have you tried Lick? Let me know your thoughts!


Rose xx

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