Wholesome Food Review – Beond NEED IMAGES

I’d actually never heard of Beond until I spotted them on Tesco’s Nutribar a few weeks ago. Apprehensive at first, I popped two of their bite-size morsels into my trolley. (I also thought ‘They’ll probably be exactly the same as Nakd’ when I saw they consisted predominantly of dates).

However Beond are very different in several ways to Nakd Bars (I love both, let me just emphasise that!). I chose the blueberry and raw cocoa varieties – both of which were really soft, smooth and chewy and more like nougat than a bar made with fruit, nuts and seeds. They are really sweet and filling – in fairness I ate both but that was enough for a mid-afternoon snack. The cocoa bar is really chocolatey and whilst I love Nakd bars (because I like dates and nuts) I think these are a great alternative for people who dislike the taste of dried fruit or nuts and want to go for something more traditionally sweet. They’re 100% organic to boot so really nourishing as sweet snacks go.

As well as these handy little bites you can also purchase full size bars. They come in Raw Chocolate, Acai Berry, Baobab Pineapple, Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry flavours – currently in Tesco they only had Chocolate and Blueberry but I’m very much looking forward to seeing the new flavours on the shelves as they sound delicious! They’re a little pricey at tesco at over £1 per tiny bar (yikes) but if you look online or buy in bulk they’re much more reasonably priced.

Have you tried Beond? Let me know what you think!

Rose xx

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