‘The God Diet’ – Is THIS the most ludicrous diet I have EVER seen?

jesus God DietOur newest BS diet, ‘The Daniel Fast’ or ‘God Diet’, surprisingly originates from the realms of the biblical dead, namely the prophet Daniel, who I’m told featured extensively in the Old Testament.

The diet involves eating nothing but fruit, vegetables and wholegrains, with water the only permitted beverage. Meat, fish, bread and sweetened/processed foods are not allowed.

What Next? The ‘Medieval Diet’, consisting of mead and soda bread? Or perhaps the ‘Victorian Prison’ diet, comprised only of gruel and dirty drinking water?


It’s likely that if you look into this historically speaking, you’ll find many people ate this way because they had to – there was nothing else!

The bible clearly states that Daniel refused the ‘banned’ foods on several occasions because he felt that the food had not been prepared to Jewish standards, and had possibly been ‘sacrificed to false Gods’. NOT, please note, to look hot in time for bikini season.

On a serious note, the God Diet smacks of an increasing number of ‘Back to Basics’ regimes (Caveman, Paleo), that involve eating more simply, and avoiding processed and refined foods. I’m all for that – but not to the extreme. Anything involving cutting our major food groups will NEVER be good for you long term – and if you don’t care about your health, I promise the weight you lose will come back on once your body adjusts.

A follower of the preposterous diet admitted this week that ‘diabetics and pregnant women shouldn’t follow the diet’. In addition, nutritionists have been denouncing the God Diet left right and centre, citing ‘vitamin and mineral deficiencies, weakened immune system and general ill health’ as reasons it should be avoided.

So there you have it. Thoughts please!!

Rose xx

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