This Week’s BS Diet – The Cabbage Soup Diet

As appetising as it sounds, this diet involves eating only cabbage soup for 7 days which can help lose up to 10lbs. Any doctor or dietician will tell you that weight loss at this velocity is dangerous, and certainly not sustainable. Not to mention the unimaginable stench that would linger around you after consuming copious amounts of this bowel-cleansing vegetable.

On the official Cabbage Soup Diet website, participants are warned that some have felt ‘light-headed, weak or lacking concentration’. What it fails to mention is that these are symptoms of hunger and low-blood pressure – signs that your body is asking you to eat. A ‘saving grace’ is that you can have as much of this repugnant, watery concoction as you like – so as not to ‘starve yourself’. Enough said on this one I think!


Rose xx

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