This week’s BS Diet – the 5:2 (Ratio, Fast) Diet

So, here goes with the latest BS Diet or ‘Fast Diet’. Just the name of this diet sounds unhealthy – because at the end of the day, we only fast for medical or religious reasons. But when you look deeper into this one you really begin to see how utterly ridiculous it is.

Of course, for a short-term goal, perhaps for a wedding or holiday, a special party, these diets are just about acceptable (JUST about.) What angers me is this diet, along with others in the same hideous vein, are marketed as genuine methods to lose considerable amounts of weight and what’s more, sustain that weight loss. Of course, we know that this is BS. Any diet requiring people to fast or starve for any amount of time is never going to continue working when you start eating normally again.

This diet also operates on a number of false claims – one of these being that if you fast on 2 days, you can ‘eat whatever you want’ on the others. This doesn’t mean ‘binge’, this doesn’t mean ‘live off pizza’, but inevitably to make people feel that this diet is effective and easy they have neglected to tell people that the other 5 days really do need to be diet days to see any sort of effect. Fronted by a few smug ‘professional’ celebrities (naming no names), this diet flaunts all the authenticity of a balanced nutrition plan offered up by a doctor. Of course that’s NONSENSE. Just a few points to back up my opinion on this one: – The 5 days operate on ‘normal eating’ with a little calorie control. If those on the diet were able or felt that they wanted to employ this sensible sort of weight loss in the first place, they would not be looking for a quick fix. – On ‘fast days’ you are restricted to 500 calories a day if you are a woman.

Any self-respecting medical professional will tell you that this is DANGEROUS. Plus an emphasis on counting calories leads to obsession and further issues such as eating disorders, so for this reason I would never advocate it. In addition to this for a busy woman with a hectic job and perhaps a family it will be impossible to sustain this lifestyle on 500 calories a day.

Although this diet claims to have sustainable health benefits such as reduced blood pressure and insulin production I doubt that this is the same for everybody. Moderation is the key with anything – if you eat and exercise in moderation, you will lose or sustain a healthy weight, and not have to suffer hunger pangs, dizziness, mood swings or any of the ‘benefits’ that funnily enough, aren’t mentioned of the website.

I’ve never been very good at maths. But this is beyond me. More to come!!

Rose xx


Comparison is The Thief of Joy

The author of this quote is unknown; however they were incredibly wise.

I talk a lot about comparison. And this sums up my opinion on it.

Body Dysmorphia I believe is fuelled almost completely by comparison. What is it that first makes us think ‘Something is wrong with me?’ A throwaway comment perhaps. Or maybe you see so much of other people, and see that they aren’t the same as you. And that makes you think, ‘Why am I different?’

Children see ‘different’ as ‘wrong’. Which is why anybody who stands out gets picked on.

We appear to take this philosophy through the later life with us, and instead of using it as beating stick against others, we turn it on ourselves.

Have you noticed how generally your comparisons are opinions? And rarely positive?

“She’s fatter than me.”

“He’s more built than me.”

“My skin isn’t as nice as hers.”

Ever heard a positive comparison?

Someone always loses. And that person is usually you.

Instead of making comparisons, see other people and admire their beauty impartially. Try to see them as someone different, not somebody that you can, and should, emulate.

And don’t forget how many people are looking at you and comparing themselves unfavourably to you. They want to look like you. And there you are, wanting to look like someone else.


Rose xx

This Time Last Year…

Bad day?

Nothing’s gone right? Feeling down, inadequate, stupid, ugly? Frustrated that you still haven’t achieved your ‘holy grail’ – to ‘be pretty’, to pass that exam, to get that job or make more money.

Try and think back to what you were doing at exactly this time last year. Then, look at what you’re doing now, what you’ve achieved, how far you’ve come. Living one year is an accomplishment. Are you measuring your success fairly, as you would with a friend?

Or, alternatively, are you measuring it against somebody else’s? (see my quote about unhealthy comparisons…). More fatally, are you striving to measure up to your own unrealistic expectations?

Aim high. Of course you should. But don’t do so at the expense of your happiness. Don’t be so busy concentrating on the next step that you miss out on everything wonderful around you right now.

Let me share something with you. This time last year I worked in a department store. I felt like I had so much more to offer but it was so difficult to prove that to any potential employer that I was of worth and had capability beyond what I had already done in life.  I was young. We were in a recession, and it showed. Unemployment was at an all time high and everybody seemed very negative about everything. Some of my colleagues had been made redundant from the most amazing jobs, and now worked alongside me, some of them on less money than me. How could I take inspiration from anyone or anything?

I did what I have always done. I put myself in the right places, took every opportunity, and believed in myself. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I had faith in that, and in myself, even at the worst times.

Now, I am in a job I never, ever thought I’d be doing. It’s an exciting job full of everything I love and with amazing opportunities on the horizon. The value of my CV has increased massively. I now have the luxury of a choice of careers, all of which I have always wanted to do. I’m setting up my own business, writing more and travelling abroad more than I ever have.

It’s easy to moan and feel defeated when the rain is pouring and someone has said something or done something shitty to you, nothing has worked out, I’m stressed and frustrated with work or life in general. But it really is just one bad day.

Now, if I’m ever having a bad day, I remind myself of this. I think of the hours spent on the dirty, smelly buses to go and stand alone in the middle of a shop devoid of customers, to be berated by management for things that were out of my control. If I need to, I’ll go back another year, working shifts at 5am for an agency spraying perfume on people for 12 hours a day.

Think about where you were last year. Now congratulate yourself on all your achievements in that time. A year flies but it’s a long time – you can do a lot in a year. Looking back and counting your blessings helps you to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.


Try it, and see!!


Rose xx


PhotoShop Name and Shame – The Boys!

So it isn’t just girls who can suffer at the hand of the avid retoucher. Here’s a few examples below of how men have been altered beyond recognition using Photoshop.

1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Not many girls would kick him out of bed with or without retouching, but the subtle differences in improved skintone are remarkable.


2. Matthew MacFadden – Famous for many a drool-worthy role in TV and film, this comparison yet again shows crucial differences in skintone and the eradication of imperfections without making him look alien.


3. Sven Barucha. Prime example – not too much, but just enough.


Seen any crazy photoshops? Share them with me!!


Rose xx



Quote of The Day

Don’t Compare Your Chapter One to Someone Else’s Chapter Twenty.

We all do it. This week’s theme is comparison. But whilst comparison can sometimes improve us in one way or another, generally it only serves to make us feel inadequate and to prioritise the opinions of others over those of ourselves.

One thing, though, that we are all especially guilty of, is forgetting to take into account the journeys and experience of others when giving ourselves a hard time for not being as pretty, intelligent, funny, popular as the next person. Often there is a huge oversight on our part of what these people have done, how old they are, and also if they truly are as happy and popular as we believe them to be. This person is probably idolizing someone else – ignorant to their own fortunes.

What’s more, are we really so insignificant compared to them? Chances are, these feelings of inadequacy are completely misplaced. We’re all doing the exact same thing, in an unhealthy vicious cycle of bad feeling and poor self confidence. Don’t forget – there is always somebody who sees you, and your life, as a goal. They would do anything to be you. Try to remember that when you are feeling bad and looking at another person, they probably don’t feel too great themselves; however confident they feel. Then look at yourself.

What would you, a year or two before now, have thought of the person that you are looking at today? I can almost guarantee that you hae achieved over and above what you could ever have hoped for. Be proud, and also confident in the knowledge that you will be in an even better position in years to come. Give yourself time.


Rose xx

What Should We Do About Bullying?

It isn’t big to make others feel small.

This is a topic I’ll be posting more about in coming weeks, and something which raises strong emotions in everybody I speak to about it.

Most people have experienced bullying in one way or another, whether indirectly or perhaps even being bullied themselves. Whether you’ve been bullied or not, we have all seen the loner at school being picked on by the other kids. And we’ve all probably felt incredibly sad and helpless, because let’s be honest, at school it’s a dog eat dog world and few have the maturity and the guts to stand up on behalf of others. It’s been around since the start of time – but attitudes towards it have certainly changed over the years.

Unfortunately, bullying is also evolving, with the emergence of new technologies and advances in social media and communication. And if we still haven’t had any breakthroughs in ‘normal’ bullying, then we certainly can’t be expected to deal with cyberbullying appropriately.

What’s more, where there are laws for physical and occasionally mental bullying outside of cyberspace, there are no laws currently protecting people from bullying online over social networks and even by text and email.

Some people appear to be of the opinion that bullying is borne out of hardship on the side of the perpetrator. I agree – bullies are insecure, cowardly and unintelligent in expressing their views and feelings. But this is absolutely NOT an excuse. We all have our difficulties and issues – but most of us choose not to take these out on others, because we know that this is wrong. These people mostly know that what they are doing is wrong. But selfishly, they put their own feelings over those of others. Don’t make a bully a victim.

Nor do I believe that being bullied is a sign of weakness. It is simply unlucky – you have been chosen by somebody who wants to make you unhappy. They want you to suffer – and you do not deserve that, no matter what these people say. Being powerless to stop bullies, or how they make you feel, does not mean you have failed yourself or given in. It is incredibly difficult to overcome the feeling of deep sadness and inadequacy caused by being bullied. Don’t underestimate it.

‘Oh, just ignore them.’

Bullying seems to be neglected as ‘one of those things’ that everyone goes through. Yes, school is hard, yes, children can be cruel. But no, I do not believe anybody should have to tolerate bullying. And whilst suicides and mental health problems in young people are on the up, correlating with rising pressure from society to succeed not only academically but also socially and aesthetically, I do not think this is something that should be ignored.

If you are being bullied, please do talk to someone you trust about it. If you don’t have anybody you feel you can talk to, feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch, or search for local counselling groups near you, whether online or in person.

To everybody else – are you with me?


Rose xx

Plastic Surgery – Before and Afters

I think it’s plainly obvious just back looking at these people, both famous and unknown, that they are not very well. Just a browse on the internet of before and afters, or what can go wrong, should be enough to strike fear into the most image-obsessed. What is even more worrying is that even when money and ‘expertise’ is involved, things still go horrifically wrong.

Just a few included below – celebrities who rather than being advised to invest in therapy for their issues have instead been encouraged to spend money on countless cosmetic procedures – resulting in what you can see here.

The worst, for me, is those who are not in the public eye. Those whose obsessions and illnesses are fed by others, and funded by the most unlikely of people. The glamour models whose parents save just to give them a breast enlargement and the subsequent ‘necessary surgery’ to be able to pursue their chosen career. The women whose husbands pay for them to be ‘perfected’ into somebody they would rather be with. For me, this is the worst crime of all.

carlabruni images (4) Pete-Burns-plastic-surgery-before-after


Rose xx

Quote Of The Day

“He who follows every man’s advice will build a crooked house.”

This is in fact a Danish proverb – but one that rings very true to me. Of course, in this instance I have related it to Body Image, and the crippling effect that what others think of us – or rather what we think they think – can effect our lives and ultimately how we look.

Basically what this is tells us is that if we listen to every single criticism – or suggestion for ‘improvement’ – even if ‘well-meant’ or in order to achieve some sort of end-goal, we are very likely to look cobbled together,

What’s more, however deep our foundations, this will invariably shake the strongest person to the core. How can we feel ourselves if we are built on the advice of others – opinions which are invalid unless you truly believe them yourself. Unfortunately, the voices of others, if heard frequently enough, can have a profound effect on our own beliefs to the point where their voices appear to become your own, residing in your own head, unable to escape from.

It’s so, so important to recognize this behaviour, and then focus on every single ‘negative’ aspect of yourself, unable to see the positives. Of course, this is the beginnings of Body Dysmorphia, and the other ‘feeder’ mental illnesses derived from this.

It’s difficult. But if we can educate ourselves, and those younger than ourselves, the difference between reality and fiction – that your own beliefs and tastes on how you look are infinitely more important than the opinions of anyone else – then we really are going to make steps in crushing this obsession on image we are crushed under in society today.

There’s a few prime examples of this in celebrity of course. But I wanted to share the story of someone in real-life. It’s relatable and tragic, but I think it’s poignancy demonstrates the above point very well.

The lady in the images below is Nileen Namita. She admired and wished to look like Egyptian Queen Nefertiti – a feat she subsequently became obsessed with and underwent over 50 surgical procedures to achieve. She started by admiring her reputation as a beautiful woman – yet after deciding that she in fact had been Nefertiti herself in a past life, embarked on her 20-year-long plastic surgery journey, including 3 facelifts. And of course, true to the form of Body Dysmorphia, she isn’t finished yet. And never will be. She’s constantly ‘tweaking’ – which of course only serves to make things worse.


There’s a correlation between this, and girls nowadays wanting to look like their favourite celebrity. And with the wrong role models and support, and the right amount of money, this is unfortunately what can happen.

Something so shocking can only be a product of serious mental health problems. It almost goes without saying, but the worst thing about this is that many girls I speak to do not realise that there is anything wrong with this lady – other than the obvious physical.

My message here is do not listen to anybody else when it comes to how you look. Never. It is down to you – and only you – how you look and how you live your life. Don’t allow others to force you to lay more store by looks than the important things in life. After all; the problem is theirs – and this is not a problem you want to be burdened with.

Rose xx

When Change is Better Than A Rest

Sometimes, we get wrapped up so inextricably in our daily lives that we are unable to see things clearly. Issues and problems arise, without us even being aware of them, let alone being able to address them.

A substantial break away from my day to day life a couple of weeks ago made me realise that things I felt were incredibly important (to the point of obsession) before I left, were in fact rather insignificant in the scheme of things. It helped me to take a step back, and remember to appreciate the things that truly mattered; family, happiness, peace of mind.

I must admit that before I left, I was concerned uncontrollably with excelling in every area of my life. That’s nothing new – it’s a huge part of my personality. But rather than aiding my success this only served to make every aspect of my life difficult.

It’s not easy to stand back and assess your life when you are in the thick of it. And of course, we can’t jet off on holiday on a regular basis, or when times get hard. But this reminded me that sometimes, however hard it seems, really looking properly and rationally at the things that worry us can actually afford us more freedom than we could ever know.

As Eckhart Tolle rightly pointed out, generally our worries really are more insignificant and unimportant than we believe them to be. Are they worth your time? Ask yourself – will this worry me in an hour? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

It’s an effective way of grading our concerns and issues and breaking them down into manageable portions which can then be prioritised accordingly. Do we need to panic about this right now? Or should we be agitated about it at all?

As I find strategies and tips for coping with anxiety and stress I will share them with you all. I’m already armed with many pearls of wisdom from the greats as above, however sometimes it is important to remember this advice and employ it in daily life.


Rose xx

BS Diet – Victoria Beckham’s ‘Eat Like a Bird’ diet.

Is it me, or are the names of these diets almost as ridiculous as the diets themselves? This apparently involves eating very little (alarm bells), with the occasional ‘indulgence’ which is a proper meal (again, fairly alarming that a proper meal should be deemed a ‘treat’). No exercise is required (because you can’t). Weakness and fatigue are understandably features of this diet, along with mood swings and dizziness. In conclusion all of the above is just plain stupid – so stupid, in fact, I really do question the mental well-being of anybody who would seriously consider this a good way to lose weight.

This image below is more than enough to put me off following any sort of strict regime endorsed by Victoria Beckham. This is not attractive, nor is it healthy or a good example to others!!

Of course, more BS Diets to come!




Rose xx