I was browsing ASOS this morning, feeding my lingerie addiction (don’t ask!) when I noticed something a little strange. Since when did normal women have a washboard stomach and a huge gap between their thighs?

Every single piece of underwear on ASOS is modelled by a pair of spindly legs and a flat, emaciated torso. These under-developed, almost masculine figures baffled me as I (along with the majority of other women) do not look like this, and was therefore left wondering how the hell these pants would fit on my own body.

I want to ask the question – how is this helpful to women when shopping? How are we expected to choose styles and sizes to fit us when the items we are purchasing are displayed on wildly unrealistic looking women. Quite frankly they seem to use girls with the under-developed bodies of pre-pubescent teens. Not helpful when you have hips and a stomach and thighs that don’t have a space the size of the grand canyon between them.

There’s absolutely noting wrong with being naturally skinny – women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. But exclusively using very thin women to model clothing designed for everyone just seems illogical to me.

What does everyone else think? Has anybody else noticed this on other sites?

Rose xx


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